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Return to School Update

Dear Parents and Guardians, This will be the first of many upcoming e-mails that will be sent your way over the next few weeks as we prepare to return to school on Monday, August 31st. Teachers will be sending out their normal back to school contact e-mails including setting up meetings with you as well as providing class supply lists. This e-mail from teachers will be sent out by Monday, August 10th. Our staff has been meeting regularly over the last three weeks to create a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan to submit to the state as well as prepare a more detailed plan for our school and classrooms.

First, I want to acknowledge the work being performed by our teaching staff. This has been a tiring, stressful, and, sometimes, very much cumbersome process. New information is shared with us every day regarding guidelines and expectations. We have worked through multiple models of how to create, present, and integrate our curriculum across all phases to ensure that we maintain our standard of providing quality education and programming in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Kudos to the staff for their work ethic and dedication to our students and school. Second, as with any first time implementing a plan, there will be multiple questions or concerns. I have included an FAQ that will hopefully address some of them. Please feel free to ask questions or send comments my way. Many will have the same questions and we want to address anything we may have overlooked. Third, we needed to plan for multiple phases as determined by the state. I have included a Return to School Phase Outline that will bullet point the main objectives or concerns. We are currently in Phase 4. One new component that will be part of all plans and an integral part of our communication with parents is to implement Google Classroom access across all grade levels. Sign-in information for parents will be distributed prior to school. Again, please feel free to ask questions. Fourth, we utilizing resources from Reed City Area Public Schools and the Mecosta Osceola ISD. RCAPS will provide guidelines for busing and hot lunch. We will forward them as we receive them and update you as needed. Fifth, there is much debate about wearing a mask. Under the guidelines provided from the state, it's absolutely necessary for the success of our school, that we comply with these rules. Please support us as we navigate through this process. More than anything, we want to be able to meet in person and not be at risk of penalty due to non-compliance. Please review with your children the need to properly wear their mask when required. If your child cannot medically tolerate wearing a mask, I've attached a form that must be signed by your doctor and returned to the school office in order to waive this requirement. Thank you for understanding. Sixth, I will be setting up a Registration Night / Q&A Zoom meeting soon. Watch for that e-mail and link. It will take place sometime during the week of August 17th. Last, we cannot wait to get back to school and see our students! We miss you and love you! Please do not hesitate to contact me or your teacher with any questions. I know this is a lot of information to digest all at once. Please take your time to review accordingly. Thank you! We ask a special prayer of protection for our school and families as we begin this year. Keep us safe from harm and guide us with wisdom and certainty. Thank you Jesus for being our light in the darkest of times. To God be the Glory. Amen. Rich Saladin Principal

Please click here to go to our Classrooms Page to download documents noted above.

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