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There are 51 weeks left in the year. That means some of you are on day 8 of the Bible in a Year challenge. We hope you’ve enjoyed spending time in the Word and encourage you to build upon this life-changing habit.

Haven’t started but want to? That’s great! Simply download the YouVersion Bible app, then search and subscribe to the Reformation Reading Plan. Readings are segmented into daily assignments, which you can read on own or listen to via audio. The plans are also available on cards in the Narthex, for those of you who prefer to read via your personal Bible.

Several members of our Trinity family used this plan to read through the Bible during 2023. This is what a few of them had to say…

“Reading through the Bible has helped me see how the whole Bible fits together. I like the Reformation Reading Plan because it includes a portion of the Old Testament and New Testament every day, with the Psalms and Proverbs included once a week. It is much easier to notice recurring themes and to see the big picture if I read through the Bible in a year.”

—Laura Rohde

“My hope was by reading the Bible I would become closer to God. I have read the Bible in a year before and it was a struggle. Once you got behind it was really difficult. This format was quite easy for me. I read some in the morning and finished at night. Even if I missed a day or part of a day, it was easy for me to catch up.”

—Vicki Stigers

“I believe that reading/listening to the Bible this past year has deepened my faith; I have paid closer attention to how God has been and is at work in the lives of His people. I definitely encourage you to join me in reading through the Bible in 2024, as it is never too late to start or continue growing in the knowledge of God’s word. Our last 2 school themes point us to this. 'Return to Me'…return to the Word made flesh. And 'Hold Fast' to the Word—hold it in your heart, hold it in your mind, hold it close to you at all times!”

—Pastor Paul Tonn

Remember, it’s not about when you start…it’s simply that you do. Get into the Word today!

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  • loripruitt


For decades, Trinity Lutheran Church and School has hosted an annual Harvestfest Dinner. A delicious meal inspired by the scents and flavors of fall, Harvestfest has become a highly anticipated event, drawing a large attendance from Reed City and surrounding communities.

"This is truly a feast," shared Bridgette Miniear, president of Trinity's Parent - Teacher League. "Everything is made by our volunteers. Some of our featured dishes are heirloom family recipes that have been used since our very first Harvestfest. People look forward to indulging in them every year."

Harvestfest Dinner is the school's largest fall fundraiser, generating funds that help offset the cost of field trips, school activities, and more.


Preparing for and executing an event of this scale is no small feat. Nearly 40 Trinity families are lined up to help during Harvestfest. From ticket takers to food servers, and from decorating to clean up, there's a job for everyone. Trinity's 5th - 8th graders also play a pivotal role. They act as waiters and waitresses, ensuring everyone is well taken care of during their meal.

In addition to our event volunteers, many other church and school families donated the ingredients that make the event possible.

"We could not do this without our amazing volunteers. Every year I am blown away by the generosity of our Trinity family and their willingness to get involved. It's also great to see our kids in action. They're so professional and attentive," added Miniear.


Pork Roast

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy



Sauerkraut and Sausage


Dinner Rolls

Apple Crisp

Pumpkin Pie


  • Date: October 15

  • Time: 4:00 - 6:30 p.m.

  • Location: Trinity Lutheran Church & School, 19778 US Highway 10, Reed City

  • Cost: Varies by Age...

    • $9.00: Age 11 and up

    • $7.00: Seniors 55 and up

    • $6.00: Children 5-10

    • $3:00: Children 3-4

    • Free: Children 2 and under


This event is sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Parent - Teacher League and Thrivent Financial. All proceeds support Trinity Lutheran School.

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