Preschool  - Mrs. Kienitz

1st Grade - Mr. Jacobson

2nd Grade - Miss Eising

3rd & 4th Grade - Mr. Rohde

5th & 6th Grade - Mr. Keup

7th & 8th Grade - Mr. Genthner



Parent teacher league

As the PTL (Parent Teacher League) of Trinity Lutheran School, we believe in fully supporting our school by:

✅ Facilitating communication between the school and student families,

✅ Involving all families in Church and school functions, and

✅ Providing financial assistance.


We support student and family activities that enhance spiritual growth, promote academic and recreational participation, and encourage all Trinity Lutheran families to work together for the benefit of the Church and school community.


PTL Goals:

✅ The primary goal of the PTL is to bring Trinity Lutheran families together by sponsoring a variety of fun and enriching activities throughout the school year.

✅ The second goal of the PTL is to purchase equipment and materials, and plan programs that will enrich and enhance the educational opportunities of all Trinity Lutheran students

2021-2022 PTL Officers are: 

  • Bridgette Miniear

  • Jacquie London

  • Karen Kienitz

  • All Parents, Students, and Staff of Trinity Lutheran School – Social Committee


“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to enable them to fulfill the purpose for which they are called.”(Romans 8:28)