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Girls on the Run at TLS!!!

Did you know that Trinity Lutheran is involved with the Girls on the Run program? This is the third year that we've been an active group with GOTR! The girls meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school to run and exercise - but that's not all! This program builds confidence and leadership skills and includes service events! The program ends with all girls participating in a 5k run!

This year we have 18 girls participating - 16 from TLS, 2 from GT Norman, and 1 home school. We also have five amazing coaches who volunteer their time - Tiffany Allen, Sarah Chatel, Jacquie London, Brooke Miller, and Susan Saladin - and a GOTR alumni assistant - Anna! We appreciate your time and commitment to our program!

Stay tuned for updates and photos from events and the end of the year race!

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