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Changes to SCRIP Orders

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we need to make modifications to our SCRIP orders for the 2020-21 school year. Melissa Tonn has created an update sheet that is included at the bottom of this post. These are also available in the narthex. For school families, please return the waiver to allow physical SCRIP cards to be sent home with your student.

Melissa is seeking additional SCRIP coordinators to assist with the program. We would like to transition to a new coordinator by the end of October. If you are willing to volunteer in this way, Melissa will work out a schedule to train you and would be available to assist when necessary. Thank you for considering in helping this way.

Remember, except for a small administrative cost, all funds earned through SCRIP benefit you or your cause directly – registration, tuition, building fund, general fund. It is a great financial support tool for both our school and church families.

Scrip Update Sept 2020 (1)
Download PDF • 147KB
student delivery waiver
Download PDF • 56KB

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